Here's what others are saying about Life in Community:

“The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ is a community of repenting sinners bonded together in a blood covenant in Jesus Christ. We are called to live, not in isolation but with one another. As a family community, we share certain values and commitments under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Life In Community fleshes this out in a manner that is biblically faithful, theologically rich and practically helpful. This is a book that will serve well any church that wants to be an authentic biblical community.”
— Daniel L. Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Author of A Theology for the Church
Community for many people - both inside and outside the church - is a dream that often goes unrealized. We strive to be known, and long for authentic relationships, but often it feels like life in community is nearly impossible. In Life in Community, Dustin Willis paints a practical picture of community with excellence, while marrying a biblical and gospel-centered foundation for life together as Christians. I’m particularly grateful for his attention to the inseparability of community and mission. This is an excellent book!
— Todd Engstrom, Executive Pastor of Ministries, Austin Stone Community Church
In Life in Community Dustin challenges us to see that biblical community and missional effectiveness cannot be separated. He provides a helpful and much needed reminder that engaging in God’s mission of redemption is in a fact a communal activity.
— Brad Brisco; author of Missional Essentials and The Missional Quest
“Only the gospel forms Christian community, people formed together because Christ has rescued them. And community that is really Christian always results in mission — in people advancing the gospel together. I am grateful for Dustin’s work and helpful challenge.”
— Eric Geiger, Vice President LifeWay Christian Resources, Co-Author of Simple Church
I am struck often by Jesus’ prayer for us to be unified together as believers. His intention is for our community to both nourish us and to invite outsiders to know His nourishing love for them. Heart-level community is a foundational ingredient in the gospel transforming insiders and outsiders, which is why I’m thrilled Dustin Willis has written this book. He gives us key ingredients for building lasting and impactful community.
— Christine Hoover, author of The Church Planting Wife and From Good to Grace
Life in Community encourages us to realize our basic need and the incredible blessings that occur when we live in community. Dustin clearly motivates us to pursue authentic community with the understanding that is terribly messy and wonderfully beautiful at the same time. More importantly, Life in Community helps us realize that the quest for community will often magnetically draw others toward God.
— Mary Frances Bowley, Founder, Chief Strategic Officer of WellSpring Living, Author of The White Umbrella
“Genuine gospel community is sadly missing in the church today. This is why Dustin Willis calls us to return to the biblical model of experiencing relationships that are truly engaging and openly authentic. Life In Community will help you leave the dangerous waters of personal isolationism and transition into the tranquil waters of gospel community that results in life change and overflowing hope.”
— Dr. Ronnie Floyd, President, Southern Baptist Convention and Senior Pastor, Cross Church
I absolutely loved Life in Community. I highly recommend this for every small group if they want to grow in how they relate to one another. It’s clear, simple and extremely practical.
— Bob Roberts Jr., Sr. Pastor of NorthWood Church, Author of Bold as Love