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Life in Community seeks to display how community is formed, what it practically looks like to apply the biblical values (Rom. 12:1–13) of community to everyday life, and in what ways the church can put the gospel on display.

The goal of this book is not to simply get people into a group but to help church's build true community. However, groups do tend to be a great framework for community to take place. It only makes sense to discuss and process the idea with other people with whom you are doing life. The heart of the book is the help build the whole church together. Take a step towards more health and use Life In Community as a church-wide experience. 

Imagine your church going through a SERMON SERIES where the concepts of Life In Community are taught. In unity your small groups or Sunday school classes work through the 6-Week Small Group Study that is included in the book.

Every resource offered below is free, please use these resources and share them with other groups and churches.  

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